How to Save Money and Get Discount Health Insurance in Arkansas

Health insurance is expense everywhere and Arkansas is certainly no exception. If you have been having trouble even qualifying for health insurance in Arkansas because of a pre-existing condition or other reason beyond your control, you might want to check with the Arkansas Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool, also known as CHIP, to see if you qualify for state-sponsored health insurance.

Many people in Arkansas are still left looking for their own health insurance in the open marketplace and these people are all looking for the best ways to save money and get discount health insurance in Arkansas.

If your company offers health insurance that is probably going to be the least expensive health insurance you’re going to find. Group policies are almost always cheaper than individual policies.

If your company does not offer health insurance or if you are self employed then you must find other ways of reducing your health insurance costs.

One way is to increase the percentage that you are willing to pay each time you see your doctor or other health care provider. This is known as your co pay. The higher your co pay the lower your monthly premiums will be. This can be an especially good option for those people who do not see their family doctor on a regular basis.

If you smoke you need to stop. Smoking adds considerably to the cost of your health insurance. If you are overweight you will also pay more for health insurance. Losing even a little weight can put you in a lower weight category which can save you money month after month, so anything you can do to lose weight can help.

Increasing your deductible can make a drastic reduction in your monthly premium. Consider carefully how much you can afford to pay each year for your own health care – the more you can pay and the less your health insurance has to pay then the lower your premium will be each month.

If this still isn’t enough consider the possibility of purchasing an ultra-high deductible health insurance policy. An ultra-high deductible policy is one with a deductible of $2,000 or even $3,000 dollars.

What good is a health insurance policy that doesn’t pay anything toward routine doctor’s visits or lab work or even most out-patient surgery?

An ultra-high deductible policy – which has a very low monthly premium – is purchased as a way of preserving a person’s life savings, their home or other major assets. Consider what would happen if you suddenly suffered a catastrophic accident or illness.

Medical bills in the 10s of thousands, even 100s of thousands could be filed against you in a matter of days. Your home could be in danger, your life savings would be gone in the blink of an eye, and any other assets you might have would be under investigation.

An ultra-high deductible policy, with a very affordable monthly premium, saves you from all that.

Once you decide on the steps you are going to take to keep your premium low, then it’s time to go online and find several of the sites that compare health care policies between different companies.

Don’t take the easy way out and just make your comparison on one site. Making your comparison on just one site means that you are not really seeing the prices from all the insurance companies doing business in Arkansas.

Instead, take the time to fill out the form on at least 3 different comparison websites and then choose the best policy at the best price. In this way you can be assured that you have saved money and gotten the best discount health insurance in the entire state of Arkansas.

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Some Practical Ideas to Get Discount Health Insurance

You could always find and buy a discount health insurance. If you work at home or you own your own small business, find out how you could still have your healthcare insured minus the hefty costs.

Healthcare Costs Are Truly Astronomical

That is the reason it would always be advisable to own a healthcare plan. If you are employed, you surely are enjoying having your own health care insurance coverage as part of your employment benefits. However, if you leave your job, you would surely realize that your health plan ends as well. In this regard, it could be safe to assert that no healthcare program could last anyone a lifetime.

Health Insurance For Self Employed

If you decide to put up your own small business instead of being employed by anyone, you could be delighted to know that you would have a greater chance to qualify for a discount health insurance. Many people have a misconception that individual healthcare plans are way more expensive than the group plans offered as part of employment benefits. That is true. However, these days, there are many ways to access discount health insurance.

In several states in the US, being a self-employed sole proprietor could make anyone eligible for health insurance plans as a ‘group of one.’ That is synonymous to a discount health insurance. If you succeed in availing one, you could be sure you would generate a lot of cost savings when it comes to premiums paid for the insurance policy. Even if you are working home-based or Internet-based, you could now avail of the discounts. How? You should just show proofs that you have been operating as a business for at least a month or 30 days.

If you are living in a state wherein there is no current offering equivalent to the ‘group of one’ healthcare insurance plans, there is no need to despair. You could still possibly qualify for a discount health insurance with a group of one rate if you are operating and owning your very own business and if you are having at least one employee or business partner. For example, if somebody does the bookkeeping for your small business, you could apply for the discount. That is because having another person in your business would make it a two-person entity, which is then very much eligible for a group policy and a group rate.

One More Option To Check Out

If these do not work and you want a discount health insurance, there is one more option left. If your spouse is currently having a group plan as part of employment benefits, you could ask him or her to add you in the coverage and it would not cost him/her that much. This way, you could still be sure your healthcare is covered no matter what happens. Remember, it is not advisable to go on without any effective healthcare plan. You have to make sure you are always covered in case you would meet an accident or you would fall seriously ill.

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